I was sued in Federal Court by Sisterlocks Co owner- Joanne Cornwell  and  forced to defend myself with
out a lawyer or legal experience. I am a stay-at-home mom of three. Nappylocs is my part-time business.
Because I sold approximately $350 in books over the Internet I was forced to appear in California
courts-some miles from MO.

My witness was visited by a server who attempted  to subpoena her at her home at 11:00 pm. My witness'
mother was home alone when this individual produced a fake sheriff's badge and was so belligerent he had
to be removed by the local law officials.  To this day my witness nor her mother have not received an
apology or explanation for the behavior of their server.

I could go on, but by the grace of GOD- we WON! I am including for you at no charge the complete PDF file
of the case. Can you believe it! I was dragged into court for copyright infringement while Joanne Cornwell
PhD, professor at San Diego State, actually had some misappropriated illustrations in her Sisterlocks'
training manuals. The NERVE!!!!

That's not all. The Sisterlocks training tapes and workbooks are readily viewable by the public minus the
$995 class fee or contracts.
The Sisterlocks training tapes are  available at the Library of Congress. For
more info read the downloads.

Don't take my word for it. Read it for your self!!!!

You can download the file and make your own decision.  

I interviewed several witnesses for this case. Some felt so intimidated  they actually expressed their fear
about testifying. The owners of the company www.Twistylocks.com came through, testified, and were heard.
They along with myself  (and others) were threatened with letters, visits by strange people, obnoxious
phone calls. It became so ridiculous I had to stop my kids from answering the biz phone, so they would not
be exposed to the venom on the other end! Are we THAT hair obsessed!

Can you imagine Coke without a Pepsi or Pizza Hut without a Papa John's. Suppose you were a teacher, or
a nurse and you left company A to work for company B. Can company A restrict you from using your
experience and knowledge gained while working for them? NOT without a non compete or trade secret
contract! I'm no lawyer but non competes are illegal in CA- and in most states! Check with your lawyer.

Once and for all Joanne Cornwell/Sisterlocks does not have a patent for her tools or technique.
Furthermore the name Sisterlocks designates the company-not the hairstyle!

PS- I have an official lawfully obtained copy of the Sisterlocks Training tapes in which I am interested in
selling to cover my continuing legal fees. I will announce here, after I place these items on ebay. This item
not available to CA residents-sorry.
Sisterlocks v Nappylocs
Nappylocs WON!
sisterlocks v
nappylocs court case
I am not a lawyer, nor is this page intended to substitute or provide legal advice. If you need
advice as to how this affects you, seek the advice of an attorney.
Q. Why not let the case rest now that you've won?
A- Believe me I wanted to. Since 2003 I've been attacked in Sisterlocks News letters and other venues.
Even after winning in court Joanne has continued to email slanderous messages through her
network of consultants and clients!

Q. How many witnesses did you present at trial?
A- I had one witness that was not afraid to testify. However Joanne
Cornwell's Expert Witness
testimony overwhelmingly supported my case.
I'd like to thank this witness for being truthful on the

Q. Was there ever a trade secret?
NO! Sisterlocks was never presented to me as a trade secret. Joanne's Expert Witness'
testimony supported this. Furthermore Joanne demonstrated the technique in several
venues, one which had more than 45,000 attendees. She even took photos of herself locking
someones' hair and placed it in her book!

Q. What other evidence was entered?
A-  Joanne
also entered a client card and twice erroneously stated in papers  who did my hair!
These inaccuracies along with others were exposed during trial!
CLIENT CARD download
Later after this card was entered twice in papers, and I testified about it's inaccuracy,  Joanne
then said on the stand it was a mistake.
Q. Did Joanne Cornwell invent micro locks?
A- NO! Joanne did not submit one shredd of evidence to support this claim. In fact
overwhelming evidence was presented to the contrary.
What's really interesting is Joanne
Cornwell submitted evidence in her 1999 case in which it briefly talks about the "400 locks of the
Know your RIGHTS!
EVERY consultant should
download these files!
Sisterlocks tapes no longer available!
I have received another letter from Joanne Cornwell  threatening to sue me for
defamation of character. I have attempted to contact her attorney without a
response.  I WILL NOT be BULLIED or threatened! Stay TUNED! Check back for
statements from the trial.
The following is an excerpt made during closing arguments by Joanne Cornwell's attorney
   "And so how does someone leave the system and take Sisterlocks
with them? They don't.
 They can leave the system and go do natural hair
care all day long, and Sisterrlocks is a small portion of natural hair care.
There's evidence on that. This is not going to enjoin (stop) you from
working. What this is saying is if you choose to go out, I have a system
and you're welcome to be a part of it under these terms and conditions. If
you choose to go out, you can't take my system and knock it off and say,
hey, you know what, I was trained by Sisterlocks and now I'm going to do
my own thing.